With the UPS Recovery Refunds software, receive real money (that adds up to alot) back on most delivered late packages (bad weather being the exception). Depending on the size of your business this can add up to many thousands of dollars on an annual basis

How the UPS Recovery Refunds
Software Works

UPS Refund Recovery Software will help you quickly audit your packages and easily obtain Refunds on your shipments that arrived past the Guaranteed Delivery Date.

Depending on the amount of shipping your company does, you could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table that is rightfully yours to claim. In addition, you wonder why the UPS employees are so happy-they are making Lots of Money that should be in Your Pocket!

More facts:

    1. UPS deliver 7-10% of their packages late.
    2. A package is considered late if it is even 60 seconds late. Late is late. A Full Refund is owed to the sender on all late packages.
    3. UPS policies state that senders have only 15 days from the day a package was sent to request a guarantee UPS services refund. If you do not file a claim within the 15 day deadline, the UPS owes you nothing!

Please read more about the UPS guarantee service refund on the United Parcel Service of America web site at UPS Rate and Service Guide under the section Terms and Condition, sub-section UPS Service Guarantee.

Our "Out of Time" UPS Package Refund Recovery Software Version 2 will help you handle up to 10,000 packages daily on one single computer, depending on your internet connection speed.

How It Works

UPS services are guaranteed to be delivered on time. If a package is delivered late, the complete cost of shipping is refunded only if the customer first files a refund claim with UPS within 15 days of the shipment date. Most shippers are not aware of this guaranteed delivery so they overpay their UPS bill. The shippers that are aware of this Guaranteed Delivery may not have the resources to process the service failure refunds internally - thus they leave potentially thousands of dollars in UPS's pocket instead of in their own business.

Now there is an easy solution to recover monies from the failed deliveries. Using our UPS Refund Recovery Software and the web, you can verify the delivery of every package you ship. Results are there on your computer. When the service promise of the carrier is not met, you send one easy email with the tracking numbers supplied to you via the software and your full shipping expense is refunded. Refund Recovery Software also uncovers any Billing Errors and Invalid Address Correction to save you money in the future! You can do this audit daily, weekly etc.

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