With the UPS Recovery Refunds software, receive real money (that adds up to alot) back on most delivered late packages (bad weather being the exception). Depending on the size of your business this can add up to many thousands of dollars on an annual basis

What does it cost to buy the
UPS REFUND RECOVERY Software Version 2?

We are the only company that charges a nominal, flat rate subscription fee. The rest of the competition operates on the industry contingency fee of 35% or even 50% of your recovered refunds, billed monthly for refunds secured during the prior month. You have no control over their productivity. You wait around, month-to-month, to see if you will even receive a check from them.

With our UPS Refund Recovery software Version 2, you have total control over package tracking, Out of Time deliveries, and you receive 100% of your refunds credited directly to your UPS Account. All you pay is a nominal monthly or annual subscription fee.

We are confident you will immediately see that having complete control over your UPS shipping and tracking utilizing Refund Recovery software Version 2 and will save your money.

Why pay 35% or even 50% of your Refund to someone else when you can Recover 100% of it with our UPS Refund Recovery software?

Version 2

NOTE: Prices below for single user license.
If you are interesting a in discount for multi-user licenses, please contact us.

Standard Edition -- single shipping-out location

  • Monthly Subscription for the Standard Edition is $59.99/month
  • Annual Subscription for the Standard Edition is $499.99/year

Enterprise Edition -- unlimited shipping-out locations

  • Monthly Subscription for the Enterprise Edition is $159.99/month
  • Annual Subscription for the Enterprise Edition is $1349.99/year

Each subscription includes unlimited FREE updates for ordered major version of Recovery Refunds Software.

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