With the UPS Recovery Refunds software, receive real money (that adds up to alot) back on most delivered late packages (bad weather being the exception). Depending on the size of your business this can add up to many thousands of dollars on an annual basis

Was Your Package Delivered Late?

Get a UPS Refund Recovery on late (Out of Time)
Domestic and International Package Deliveries!

We are committed to helping you lower your business costs. We have developed a Money Saving software program to help you reduce your business expenses with ease!

Track UPS CampusShip Tracking Numbers Easier and Faster!

Because United Parcel Service of America offers an on-time delivery guarantee, if a shipment arrives late (out of time) you are entitled to a Refund of your shipping costs. However, do you have the staff, time and tools to track and audit every package to determine which arrived late?

Do you have the time to write to, or phone UPS to request a refund? Probably not. Therefore, you are potentially leaving thousands of dollars on the table that is rightfully yours to reclaim.

Our Software Tracks Packages Easier and Faster!

Import UPS Tracking Numbers and press a button - It is that easy!

Our logistics software will retrieve from the UPS web server:

  • Current delivery progress information
  • Estimated time of delivery
  • Allow you to manage Billing Information on Voided orders

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